Conceptual Framework

I have begun developing my conceptual framework for my synthesis paper. I have created my diagram and explanation through prezi.

Conceptual Framework

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Picture Books in The Middle School Classroom

Currently I am working on my synthesis paper, this paper will address the use of picture books in the middle school classroom. Here is a list of articles I will be using for my research.

Albright, L. K. (2002). Bringing the Ice Maiden to Life: Engaging Adolescents in Learning through Picture Book Read-Alouds in Content Areas. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy , 45 (5), 418-428.

Albright, L. K., & Ariail, M. (2005). Tapping the Potential of Teacher Read-Alouds in Middle School. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy , 48 (7), 582-591.

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Seidel, J., & Rokne, A. (2011). Picture Books for Engaging Peace and Social Justice With Children. Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education (5), 245-259.

Styles, M., & Arizpe, E. (2001). A Gorilla with ‘Grandpa’s Eyes’: How Children Interpret Visual Texts – A Case Study of Anthony Browne’s Zoo. Children’s Literature in Education , 32 (4).

 More to come!