The Busy Beaver – Nicholas Oldland

The Busy Beaver - Nicholas Oldland

The Busy Beaver is a great picture book to share with primary and junior students when discussing the environment. The busy beaver illustrates how sometimes when we are very busy we can get lazy and do not pay attention to how our actions affect others and our planet. It is a great book to use as an introduction to discussing how we can promote environmental sustainability.


It’s a Book by Lane Smith

It's a Book by Lane Smith

It’s a Book is a great picture book, especially in our electronic age in which students are inundated with new gadgets. This book came to mind when I had a class of students whine over wanting Ipads instead of completing their research with a selection of books. I can just imagine children of whom have Ipads in their home since birth looking at a book and asking, “How do you scroll down?” Very cute, funny and an interesting comment on how books are seen in society today.

Here is a trailer for the picture book: