A new favourite picture book!

I just purchased a few picture books at a school Scholastic Book Fair. Count The Monkeys by Mac Barnett is by far my favourite of the bunch! It is such a great interactive book and I read it with a Grade 3/4 class today and they loved it! It is also a great book for practicing counting but the story invites the reader to interact with the characters making it engaging. Not to mention some witty wording throughout the story. I recommend picking it up! It will stay in my supply teaching ‘bag of tricks’ for quite some time.



Llama Llama – Anna Dewdney

The series of Llama Llama books by Anne Dewdney are extremely cute and a great tool for the primary classroom. I am especially fond of Llama Llama and The Bully Goat. As anti-bullying is a focus in schools this is a great book to introduce young children to strategies for dealing with bullies. Anna Dewdney also has a great website with activities that compliment the books. Students can make their own pledges to play nice which can be printed and filled out from the website. I will be bringing Llama Llama books with me whenever I am expecting to be in a primary classroom.